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The Real Estate business is changing. Rapidly. Are you keeping up?

Armando Romero breaks down the latest Realtor strategies for a COVID-19 world. Armando is an author, broker, real estate expert and founder of BrokerNation Real Estate. He will share his 32 years of real estate experience with you, and get you up to date, relevant and competitive in this turbulent market.

Join us, and you will learn:

  • The Basics: How to first build the right foundation
  • How to build your brand in an online world through social media, video, online advertising and more. Using the tools and tactics of modern digital marketing.
  • How to hack your SOI: the most powerful database you have — for lead-generation — is your “Sphere Of Influence”. People that already know you. Top Producers tap into that, to build a pipeline of continuous leads. You can too.
  • How this Top Producer did it: even during quarantine, Armando Romero is driving business and closing deals. He shares what he’s learned in the last four months, his strategies and what he’s now doing.
  • And much more! …including a list of FREE must-join real estate portals, Facebook ad examples, video content template, and how to work remotely.


Don’t get overwhelmed by the shifting dynamics of the Real Estate game. Take advantage of these developments, and make them work for you.

Be a Relevant Agent. We’re gonna show you how.


Presented by BrokerNation Real Estate | with Paramount Miami Worldcenter


Armando Romero
Real Estate Broker, Author, Realtor and President of BrokerNation Real Estate

Steve Majeski
Digital Marketer, Creative Director and VP of SteFlo Marketing



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