A Tony Robbins Peak Performance Workshop with Elite Trainer Natalie Maleschuk

Among so much other great information, during this incredible event, we learned about S.A.M. which stands for Strategy, Action, Mindset, and the importance of being aware of our current limiting beliefs.

Our beliefs are affected by our surroundings, and our current reality. Our reality, if we let it, will define our beliefs which in turn will affect how we behave, our mindset, and our actions, and it can be the reason why we don’t get the results we want to achieve.

Some of the reasons why we don’t get the results we want are because:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Fear
  • Procrastination
  • Laziness
  • Time
  • Depression

These things affect the patterns we develop which in turn affect the actions we take and ultimately affect the results we want. So, if we want to achieve better results in life, we need to change our Mindset. With that in mind, we also learned about the Success Cycle. If we put this into practice, our current situation can change, and our reality will also change.

This is what the Success Cycle consist of


  • Believes and Patterns
  • We must cultivate an Empowering Belief 
  • Create patterns based on our empowering beliefs


  • Potential 
  • We all have Unlimited Potential. We need to be convinced of that and find a way to tap into it. 


  • Action
  • Take Massive Action. Once we have the list of the results we want to achieve, we need to take massive action to be able to get them. We need to create our own standards and DO NOT negotiate with it. 


  • Results
  • When it comes to defining the results we want, we need to get clear and specific. 
  • Define the results you want and make a list of them.
Daylan Rubido Broker, BrokerNation Doral


As one of seven National Speakers and Peak Performance Strategists for Tony Robbins, I am part of an elite team that advises and consults with companies, groups, and organizations to deliver high-energy training on the areas of peak performance, sales, and the psychology of achievement. In these workshops, we dig deep and uncover what holds people back from being a level 10 in their businesses and personal lives.